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ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL killing cyborgs (VIDEO)

Look small, but dynamic is an excerpt from the upcoming blockbuster Alita: Battle Angel based on the cyberpunk manga.

The film is set 300 years after the great war, the XXVI century. Dr. IDO finds the remains of a female cyborg. After repairing the cyborg does not remember anything, but discovers that it is able to use the techniques of combat cyborgs. Begin searching for lost memories.

Castes made up Rosa Salazar (“the maze Runner: the Test of fire”), Christoph waltz (“Inglourious Basterds”), Michelle Rodriguez (“Machete”), Jennifer Connelly (“Requiem for a dream”), Derek Mears (“Friday the 13th”), has Maharshal Ali (“Moonlight”), Jackie Earle Haley (“Watchmen”), ed Skrein (“Deadpool”), Casper van Dean (“starship troopers”), ACE Gonzalez (“Little drive”) and Jeff Fahey (“the Lawnmower man”).

James Cameron (“Terminator”) and Jon Landau (“Titanic”) are the producers of the picture.

Director Robert Rodriguez (“Desperado”).

In Russia “Alita: Battle angel” will arrive February 14, 2019.

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