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Alistair Legrand filmed a novel of Stephen king’s “Mile 81”

Stephen king tells stories, publishers turn their books, filmmakers and TV people in movies and TV series. So this world is arranged. And if some work of the King has not yet filmed, this does not mean that someone is working in this direction.

The cinematic form is preparing to take the story of king’s “Mile 81” (Mile 81). In the original it was released in 2011, and the Russian saw the light in 2016 – as part of the compilation “tent of bad dreams”.

Abstract from the site “Laboratory Fiction” is:

The American province. Noisy highway. An abandoned Parking lot with a shop, which one day comes a mysterious car of unknown model and stiffens, as if in anticipation, as if alluring victim. By going about their business people very different: the good and the evil, irritated, tired, enthusiastic. Some of them stop and approach the mysterious car — and back to their vehicles have not returned. Perhaps only children are able to see the danger lurking behind the dried mud smeared glasses, only children will find something to counter it.

In the movie, all this should turn into a supernatural horror-Thriller. It will be responsible for the Director and screenwriter Alistair Legrand, known for the films “Clinical case” and “Diabolical”. His constant collaborator Luke Harveys in too. Repeatedly worked with this couple, Ross M. Dinerstein (“Void”, “1922”) acts as producer.

Production is scheduled to start this fall, and while the project will present at the European film market in Berlin.

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