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Alina Grosu showed his mom

Алина Гросу показала свою мамуThe singer has publicly congratulated his mom happy birthday on Instagram.

Alina Grosu paraded a new pic with my mom. They both look great, especially all caught the tails of Alina and youth of her mother. For a couple of hours the “liked” more than 6 thousand users.

Signed singer cute family photo: “Today my beloved mother’s birthday at “the locomotive” in our family. She is the embodiment of energy, kindness, will power, femininity and love. She is a true guardian of the family hearth. Three amazing mom. The most caring wife. And the world’s just a woman))) I am grateful for every moment of my life, for all the sleepless nights she had suffered with me, for education, for support, for austerity, for justice, for faith, for what she instilled in me a love of work, for the infinite care and of course for giving me brothers. Thank you, mother, what you have there. May you always be the most happy, strong, inspired, loving, cheerful and healthy. Let your youth never ends and all you’re doing, what’s going on around you, brings you only pleasure, positive emotions and endless victory! PS. Love!”.

In review subscribers singer joined the congratulations of her mother, and also wrote an incredible amount of compliments, noting that mother and daughter in this picture looks delicious.

Алина Гросу показала свою маму

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