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Aliens seize new York! (VIDEO)

The creators of The X-Files were having a little fun prank on one of new York’s streets. You know those vending machines with Newspapers? You go like this for, I think: let me buy a newspaper (Yes, in the US, they still read), crossword puzzles poragative or fish wrap… And here — for you! From box jumps-eyed humanoid! Bricks can be deferred so that another Area 51 enough. Now would a newspaper handy, but no, there’s an alien sitting…

Alien, by the way, came out pretty cute. A simple robot that can play a few moves, but it’s enough due to the effect of surprise, on which everything is built. More precisely, the two robots as humanoid hand and his head with the torso seems to be different units. Anyway, went simply and funny. However, the pranksters didn’t stop, and the prank is the second phase.

See for yourself.

Oh, and remember, “the x-files” will return with season 11 on 3 January 2018.

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