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“Alien: the Covenant” is preparing to release on Blu-ray. The cover is gorgeous!

Worldwide xenomorphic horror blockbuster by Ridley Scott in full swing, the tape collects as flattering, and not so good. Someone in awe of this fascinating world of death, someone calls the local characters of the finalists for the Darwin awards, but someone is trying to make out the picture on the pros and cons.

Meanwhile, it turned out that “Alien: Covenant” is slowly preparing to release on Blu-ray, and Zone Horror even bummed the covers of several publications, including film.

First of all, it is a separate issue in a cool metal box Steelbook. As internal and external cover is used as an old poster tape, and a new art with Neomort. The design is gorgeous. The horror as you want to touch this thing!

Moreover, the painting will be included in the collector’s edition, which will consist of all parts of the franchise. Together with “Covenant” will be released in the original “Alien” in 1979, “Aliens” 1986, “Alien 3” in 1992, “Alien: Resurrection” in 1997 and “Prometheus” in 2012. Cover in two colors there are also very good. Even highly questionable, as for me, monstryatinu of “Resurrection”, which is a hybrid of human and xenomorph, here looks good.

Release date: Alien 6 Film Collection is not yet known, but “Covenant” in Steelbook will be released this fall, and now available for pre-order.

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