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“Alien: Testament” continues to bomb new shots and videos

You know, we then decided, in a Zone Horror a few days not to write about the film “Alien: Covenant”. Relax a little, and that almost every day some fresh promo videos will come, the book the movie will make it a parody with Sigourney weaver will appear. How can? Enough!

Joke. Keep more news.

According to the official synopsis, between the events of”Prometheus” and “Testament” has been more than ten years, but until recently we did not really know what happened in between. And you know, I even was glad — after all the intrigue! But shortly before the premiere of Ridley Scott began to lay the cards on the table. We were told, and then revealed to Empire magazine that the Android David in the end went crazy and destroyed the city Engineers.

Now we have a promotional video uploaded on the channel, the Vietnamese division of 20th Century Fox on YouTube, and the video flash frames of this genocide.

In addition, the publication Entertainment Weekly has shared a couple of high-quality images, one of which also captured this majestic and wanton cruel moment. In short, the same as it was in Empire, but only view another.

The second scene depicts a very different Android, but still the same actor, Michael Fassbender. I must admit, I first thought he was holding in the tweezers used condom, and now I can’t get rid of this image.

So, it seems, Ridley Scott is not afraid that this spoiler will ruin the impression about the film. Well, let’s hope he has up his sleeve still have something interesting.

The Russian premiere of “Alien: Testament” will be held on may 18, 2017.

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