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“Alien: Testament” bummed LEGO trailer from a Russian author!

It’s time to get their portion of daily xenomorph-godnoty in the Area of Horror!

To world and Russian (18 may) premiere of the science fiction horror “Alien: Covenant” (Alien: Covenant) has nothing left. But the interest of the fans, that is OUR interest in PR continue to heat up. That LEGO version of the trailer came out. Remarkably, fans of the game that support one hundred percent. In fact, the following video was the clearest example.

The author of the video is none other than Pavel Prokhorov, the Russian dude, who has his own Facebook group and a YouTube Pavesome Films, where Paul lays out the LEGO videos of their own making. Interestingly, many of them videos for genre films.

For example, check out VIDOS about king Kong and Psycho:

And here’s the LEGO trailer for “Alien: Testament”:

The author of these videos himself. Keep it up, comrade!

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