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“Alien: Blackout” will be a game for smartphones

Finally, 20th Century Fox and opened the maps in an entertaining guessing which began with the publication of a series of artifacts from the universe of Strangers, and continued with a couple of intriguing teaser, hinting at the return of Amanda Ripley, the heroine of “Alien: Isolation”. Launched the social media hashtag #ReadPlayWatch now takes on a clearer shape.

Part of the “Read”, as it turned out, were treated to the announcement of the comic book “Alien Resistance”, which involved artists and writers from Dark Horse Comics. This is a pretty serious and well-known publisher, on account of which such popular series as “sin City”, “Hellboy” and “Mask”. So for this segment it is possible not to worry — we can only hope that the official translation will get to Russia.

Part “Play” the news is encouraging not so much. The new game, which received the title “Alien: Blackout”, is really designed by the guys from FoxNext Games, D3 Go! and Rival Gamesin the foreground really will involve Amanda Ripley, and the plot does continue the idea of “Isolation”, but… it will be a game for smartphones. Yes, apparently, the recent echoes of the loud disappointment of gamers associated with the announcement of a mobile game in the universe, “Diablo”, the Fox did not move. However, is it so wrong to be able at any convenient place, located in a scary story about Strangers?

The network has already appeared the official cover, small gameplay trailer and the game’s synopsis:

Try to stay alive, being trapped on Board the space station, “Wayland-Yutani”, along with the deadly xenomorph hunting you and the other members of the crew. Outsmart the ultimate hunter, thinking through the right steps. The player will also have to monitor the integrity of the station and to decide on the fate of the team to avoid its loss.
Try to survive seven terrifying levels, directing team of Amanda Ripley on a job using the emergency alert system of the ship. Uncertainty and unpredictability can be a death sentence for Amanda, and for the whole station.

Now “Alien: Blackout” you can pre-order on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore, where it will be available 24 Jan 2019. But those who are not going to read a comic book or try a new game, left to wonder — what does the Fox hid in the last part of the hashtag concern to the word “Watch”?

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