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Alibaba developed a smart Luggage storage

Alibaba разработала умную камеру храненияAlibaba showed a different development.

The Chinese company Alibaba, working in the field of Internet Commerce, presented a number of developments that will help to simplify the delivery of goods. The IT giant has revealed the unmanned carrier-robot and “smart” storage with the function of face recognition.

The robot named G Plus, and at the moment, as reported by The Verge, it is tested in the campus of Alibaba in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. It is noted that the cargo Bay G Plus can change the size depends on current load; according to Alibaba, the robot can also deliver fresh food. It is equipped with a navigation system which uses LIDAR to create a 3D map. G Plus is able to move with a maximum speed of slightly less than 15 kilometers per hour; while if the robot will notice that in the environment — a lot of people and cars, he may reduce speed to approximately 10 km/h.

Plus when G reaches the destination, it automatically places the cargo at the desired location; alternatively, the robot can approach the customer to enter a PIN and pick it up. Alibaba expects that G Plus will be fully operational by the end of this year.

In addition, Alibaba showed and other development — Cainiao box. Is Luggage storage, a person could establish, for example, the door of the apartment. The device is equipped with facial recognition technology — so the camera must be opened to carriers and customers.

It is noted that users can also remotely control the temperature inside the storage by using mobile app to, for example, to keep food warm or cold. The idea is that with this device the customer can not even open the door to the delivery person — the latter just put the parcel into the storage chamber. However, while Cainiao box is only a concept and Alibaba did not disclose when it plans to release the development.

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