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Alexei Vorobyov made a video with intimate video has changed him girls

Love drama of Alexey Vorobyov unfolded before the eyes of literally the entire country: the musician spoke about the girl he was accused of treason. Their experiences, the singer shared with fans in Instagram.

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Now Alex decided to make a video with intimate video of inmensity! In the Internet appeared the video for the song Vorobyov, “I just want to come”, which starred actress Anna Gavlak. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Speak, unhappy each in their own way, but happy all the same. Before you will see my new video for the song “I just want to go”, I decided to tell you the story of its characters as it is preserved in the recordings of my phone… See “lyric video” with the lyrics,” wrote the singer in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter — Approx. ed.).

Recall that after the shooting sparrows admitted: “they Say that you can’t mix personal life and work. But I was always saved, and saves her. My job allows me to recreate the feelings and separate them from ourselves. Of course, I could continue to smile and pretend that everything is fine. But I don’t want. This page of my life I’m not going to flip, I was too happy when I wrote it. I mix words, pictures, and memories that I have left, and redraw them exactly as the artist painting from life… And I am happy that I have this life-saving opportunity to transfer your thoughts, and what I feel, to creativity, to materialize and thus to separate themselves from these fucking feelings… And yet I don’t even know what to do with this story of my life, which I took because it was too personal…”

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