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“Alexandria” beat “Mariupol” and approached the bronze

«Александрия» обыграла «Мариуполь» и приблизилась к бронзе“Alexandria” in the 25th round of the Premier League defeated “Mariupol”.

Alexandria took the lead in the 20th minute. Khudzhamov parried away a dangerous free kick from the Shendrik, but second rate followed a scramble in the penalty area “Mariupol”, where BANADA from several meters pushed the ball into the net. Guests quickly restored parity after the flank attack Vakula shot into the far corner of the penalty area.

The key moment of the match came in the 31st minute – Dawa in his own penalty area played a hand, and Grechishkin with a penalty-kick upset his former team.
In the second half, “Mariupol” actively went in before, however to leave from defeat wards of Alexander Babich and failed. Your best time, guests missed in the 58th minute when Zubkov struck the crossbar.

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Due to today’s success, the team of Vladimir Sharan has increased the separation from the nearest pursuer to 12 points. “Mariupol” the defeat of the “Alexandria” was worth the fall to fifth place.

In 26-m round “Alexandria” will “Dawn”, and “Mariupol” in the home match will play against “Shakhtar”.

Oleksandriya – Mariupol 2:1
Goals: BANADA, 20, Grechishkin, 32 – Vakula, 23

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Alexandria: Pankiv – Pashayev, Boboglo, Shendrik, Tsurikov – Grechyshkin (Zaporozhan, 46), BANADA, Kovalets (Long 81) – Luchkevych (Sadaraka, 71), Sitalo, Polyarus.

Mariupol: Khudzhamov – Polehenko, Dawa, Jaworski, Bulls, Vakula (Fomin, 76) – Fedorchuk, Mishnev, Pikhalyonok – Sickan (Churko, 59), Zubkov.

Warning: Zaporojan – Jaworski, Zubkov, Bulls, Pikhalyonok, Boyarchuk, Fomin

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