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“Alexandria” beat “Karpaty” lost to “Vorskla”

«Александрия» обыграла «Карпаты» и оторвалась от «Ворсклы»“Alexandria” in the final match of the 12th Matchday of the Premier League kept the victory over Karpaty.

The first step to victory, “Alexandria” made in the 11th minute after a blunder of Merremia Masta suddenly found himself in front of the gate and calmly put the ball into the near corner.

At the end of the first half wards of Volodymyr Sharan went into the lead – Masta found transfer Kovalets, and he coolly dealt with the guardians and fired into the far corner.

The intrigue of the match in the 54th minute was revived Gutsulyak, head, shutting the canopy Myakushko’s free-kick. The same Gutsulyak has been on prospective impact positions, but every time I send the ball anywhere, but not into the goal.

Alexandria won the third victory in a row and in the fight for bronze is already eight points away from “Vorskla”.

Alexandria – Karpaty 2:1
Goals: Run Hither, 11 Kovalets, 41 – Gutsulyak, 54

Alexandria: Pankiv – Pashayev, Bondarenko, Shendrik, Mikica – BANADA, Grechishkin (Long 71) – Zaporozhan, Polyarus (Tsurikov, 57), Kovalets (Sexton, 81) – Masta.

Carpathians: Shevchenko Fedetskiy, Miroshnichenko, Meramec (Mendez, 88), Boroday – Gutsulyak, Erbes (Di Franco, 75) – Myakushko, Klets, Carrascal (Ponda, 79) – Vargas.

Warning: Zaporojan, Shendrik – Carrascal, Boroday, Gutsulyak, Fedetskyy, Di Franco


«Александрия» обыграла «Карпаты» и оторвалась от «Ворсклы»

Top scorers:
10 – Junior Moraes (Shakhtar Donetsk)
7 – Marlos (Shakhtar Donetsk)
6 – Yevhen BANADA (Alexandria)
6 – Bruno Duarte (Lviv)
5 – Marian Swede (The Carpathians)

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