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Alexander Vasilyev was dismantled closet Renata Litvinova in her birthday


On 12 January the Director, actress and socialite Renata Litvinova celebrates its anniversary. It’s hard to believe, but the blonde turned 50 years old! Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev believes Renata a style icon and a model of elegance. “I want to wish all of our readers to look like at this age, to maintain such a figure. Beauties we have a lot, but the style icon is a special title. Renata brings your way this star is very correct. Her style can be characterized as retro. But it never smells like mothballs, second-hand or darning. Things Renata’s always flawless, high quality, beautiful, emphasize its strengths and hide flaws, which is absolutely all people,” — said Vasilyev in his regular column for the magazine “7 days”.

According to Alexander, Renata knows what body parts a woman should demonstrate: hands, neck, collarbone. “Outfits with plunging necklines or mini length, as Natasha Koroleva, we in the wardrobe Litvinova did not find. I think she has long, slender legs. But Renata prefers them not to show it, which makes the image more mysterious,” said the critic.

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The actress often wears shoes in retro style. For example, these black shoes with crisscross straps in the spirit of the 1920-ies. Alexander believes that Renata skillfully picks up the shoes and she doesn’t seem old-fashioned.


Black sunglasses, the elegant dark green dress, an elegant handbag, black patent pumps with thin heel — this image Litvinova Alexander considers ideal.

Renata allows herself to more daring images. “Disco style, like from the movie “Saturday night Fever”, where he played John Travolta. Turtleneck, embroidered sequins, quite fitting, but not tight. This could wear and Vera Brezhnev, but she would wear it with a mini skirt,” commented fashion critic outfit stars.


Vasiliev advises women to adopt a trendy Renata is a stylish scarf in the style of Audrey Hepburn. “Renata can wear it with coat is oversized and with a cocktail dress. Convenient! For example, to an important event you don’t have time to do my hair. The scarf-tied — and more!” — said Alexander.

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Grey retroblast too much to Vasilyev, he said, so he could dress the actress of the 1940s Valentin Serov.


Black dress with shimmering pattern of the original Alexander finds an elegant solution. “Note on a luxurious white fur — it is also the right accessory for Renata. Diva needs to wear fur, they were made for each other”, — said fashion critic.


Admire Vasiliev and hair Litvinova. The actress prefers using the “wave” in the style of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. “My advice: if a woman wants to create Petrobras, the first thing she needs to think about the hairstyle. Two trump cards: red nail Polish and the same bright lipstick on her lips. Litvinova it all go,” — said the historian of fashion.


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