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Alexander Vasilyev figured out which stars know how to choose the right decorations

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Alexander Vasilyev is confident that properly chosen decorations can make women a star. However, and celebrities are often mistaken with a choice of accessories. So, fashion criticism seems to be that the singer Svetlana Loboda shouldn’t wear a choker on the neck combined with glamorous sunglasses and a dress with sequins. “Too much Shine. See what singer was trying to be on the level. But these glasses look like a teenage accessory and create a strange impression,” said Alexander in his regular column for “7 days”.

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Large necklace Elizabeth Boyar historian of fashion is not much. Vasilyev is confident that in this image the actress lacks finesse.


Lera Kudryavtseva is also often picks statement necklaces, but in this case Alexander the decoration was quite happy. “Lera Kudryavtseva loves big necklaces because it often leads to concerts. And these ornaments are designed for the scene. They will be visible to the audience even in the gallery,” said the critic.


Image in retro style of Catherine Spitz conquered by Alexander: “the Actress is a good example of the style of Hollywood retrodiva 1930-ies. And I love that! Katya has a beautiful slim figure, modest neckline: as you can see, the same wrinkle of sin, as I call it, is closed. And luxury jewelry (bracelet, earrings) do not argue with the dress, and echoed him.”


Green beads, which were chosen for the release of Natalia Vodianova, Vasiliev seemed not entirely successful as arguing with the decoration of the dress of the model. However, according to the criticism, beads accentuate the bright blue eyes of Natasha.


Alexander believes that the Alsu is a real Oriental beauty and she is very fit big jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets. A striking accessory on the head of the singer were particularly impressed by the fashion historian.


Decoration in the Indian style of Vera Brezhnev also like Alexander, but he recalls that it is a scenic image in everyday life to look like not worth it.


Vasiliev impressed by the fact what kind of decoration chosen by the actress Paulina Andreeva: “This young woman typically makes the choice in favor of laconic and minimalistic jewelry. And I like her approach. Pauline is so pretty that she was a great decoration and is not needed.”


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