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Alexander Panayotov said that he wants to go on “the Eurovision 2017”

Already that week discussing the candidates for participation in “Eurovision” from Russia. The main candidates for a trip to Kiev became Alexander Panayotov, singer Nyusha and Elena Temnikova. However, both Actresses have already abandoned the music contest and the question remains open.

By the way, Alexander Panayotov, who recently criticized the vocals of Olga Buzova, does not hide that really wants to go to Eurovision. According to the artist, for many years he tried to get to the contest now, after the success of the show “the Voice”, he is closer than ever to his dream.

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“Lately everyone is asking me about #Eurovision. well what can I say?)) I’m also from the Internet found out I was in the list of candidates. also know that someone refused. someone flew. I, honestly, love this contest. I think this is the only large-scale, colorful, musical show on the planet, with such a large audience, a stunning production, akin to the Olympics. Many people know that I have for many years tried to get there. and this year, thanks to the “Voice” I have ever come close to this. whatever it was, the mission of this contest, and any member — to bring art to the masses… after all, Music is one of the only universal means, which is able to sow in the hope that all is not lost. music should unite. music is obliged to treat. I firmly believe in it. This magic should happen in this year. in Ukraine, in Kiev. And whoever was delegated this year, I think the primary task of the representative to be a messenger of peace, goodness and art. And the singing Socks — “and I will accept nothing less,” wrote Alexander in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

By the way, Panayotov — not the only one who wants to go to Eurovision. Recently, actress and aspiring singer Nastasya Samburski stated that he had applied for the competition. According to Nastasia, she would like to represent Russia with the song “BL*d”. However, it is possible that this is another outrageous provocation of the actress.

We will remind that last year Russia at competition was represented by Sergey Lazarev singer took third place. The victory was won by Ukrainian artist Jamal. Earlier Sergey talked about the fact that he wanted to take revenge, if there is a suitable song, but the singer is not willing to go to Eurovision.

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