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Alex never would have returned to “Factory of stars” because of the dangers of the project

After completion of the project to cultivate the musical talents of “American idol” singer Alex young has for some time been afloat, however, after separating from rapper Timati, the girl finally disappeared. Only a few months ago Alex again gave themselves known, but not as artist and Instagram star. More recently, it also positions itself as an aspiring jewelry designer.

“All the stones my jewellery I pick itself, according to your taste. In these decorations, I use the stalactites, amethysts, agates, Druze, citrines and crystals. Prices from 8 to 30 thousand rubles. It all depends on the frame of the stone and its size,” said Alex in an interview with StarHit.

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Actually a favorite of the girl says with pleasure, but the days of “Factory” recalls reluctantly. According to the designer, she would never want to be back on the project. “I once was enough. Fortunately, when I was there, I was young and didn’t understand what was happening. As an adult, where I would not survive even a week. It was hard without loved ones, to live in the cocoon with strangers, where nobody understands and sees. I was such a “hothouse flower”, and here I find myself in the situation of good and evil. It was an experience for me,” admitted Alex.

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The girl told that during the “Factory” participants often threatened the fans and they miraculously managed to escape: “For example, the crowd from the stadium rocked our double-Decker bus, almost flipped it. Then there was the time we were pointing a weapon, I almost got stabbed in the stomach. Saved me time guard”.

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