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Alex Kurtzman wanted to spit on his criticism of “the Mummy”

This morning we were trying to figure out who to blame for the failure of big-budget blockbuster “the Mummy” in the United States. It’s true the situation is not the best: the film with a budget, which according to official data, amounts to $ 125 million, 10 days of large-scale rental (more than 4,000 screens) collected in the States just over 56 million. For comparison, over the same 10-day “Wonder Woman” received more than 205 million dollars cash. Not even the most successful of the fifth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” during this period, collected more than 114 million.

At the international level, the case of the Mummy are better, but the overall picture is clear: the audience is in the USA not in delight from “the Mummy”, and critics and all ready to bury the film along with all of its creators. The bumps are mostly falling on the head of the main star of the project, Tom cruise. “The mummy” – for a moment – called “the worst movie of the cruise”.

But do not forget about the figure of the Director. Alex Kurtzman had previously achieved success as a writer and producer, but “the Mummy” was his, in fact, debut as a Director of a large project. During a recent interview with Kurtzman asked about how he perceives the criticism which has fallen on the film. And here’s what he said:

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Of course, it’s a shame to hear this. But the only criterion [evaluation of my work], which I use is just a trip around the world and the reaction of the audience in cinemas [in different parts of the world]. I think this film made for a mass audience, but critics and viewers aren’t always in agreement.

This statement with it will not argue. Blockbuster is a business, not art (with few, rare exceptions) – and that’s why the original films are so few. The Kurtzman, meanwhile, continues:

I don’t make movies for critics. I would have been happy if they fell in my film? Of course, anyone would be glad, but it’s not final. We made a film for the audience, not for critics, so I hope that the audience will appreciate it.

There is a feeling, however, that, first, modern criticism often reflects the opinion of the public in General. Everyone has the Internet, and there are many sites, including ours, where practically anyone can Express their opinion, speaking in particular in the role of a reviewer of movies. And secondly, there is a sense that the public is not as stupid and predictable as it seems the producers like Kurtzman. Yes, the movies still visit the attraction, eat popcorn and pakati-to poahat on special effects. However, many films of this type in the US box office fail miserably. Yeah, then they get their in Europe, China, Russia, and other territories – and it may well be that “the Mummy” just as its gets, but in the United States fail, as, for example, have failed here the last of the “resident evil” and other movies Paul W. S. Anderson. The latter fact – that this film can fail, but in other countries to be successful, says in this case is not about the stupidity of American audience, but just the opposite. The Americans have more experience, they are more difficult to lure in the movie the pacifier. But gradually, the audience and other continents will become more legible, and hence the dummy is more difficult to do cash.

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Maybe I’m just wishful thinking processes, but it seems to me that the time people like Alex Kurtzman is gradually disappearing. Mass audience intellectualized – which is quite a natural process that was from at all times of the origin of mass art. And the masses, at least part of these masses, has long been not just a beautiful “wrapper”.

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