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Ales Kafelnikov roughly criticized the young wife of an oligarch Liza Adamenko

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Ales Kafelnikov recently don’t recognize the fans. 18-year-old daughter tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov strikes with his antics. She calls the people from the economy class of the plane the “little people” with whom she had to travel, then jokes on father’s surgery.

Ales Kafelnikov


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Ales also unashamedly provocative footage shows, and recently the girl was shocked by the cuts and bloody hands in gauze.

Fans have become seriously worry about the state of young stars.

But Ales decided to Express themselves another way: Kafelnikov commented on the post model Liza Adamenko, where she lies on the floor amongst the Luggage and packages of Chanel.

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Liza Adamenko

“Here comes to mind only one thing: “you made it out of rags to riches, but quickly becoming a Prince not forget, not to overlook, eternal riches, eternal dirt.” Well, or something to boast of, already, and will remain,” wrote Ales (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Lisa, this statement left without attention, however friends and fans of the model entered into a dialogue with Alesya.

Kafelnikov began to answer some of the comments. As it turned out, Ales originally wrote Lisa a private message, that didn’t even read it, so Ales decided to put a comment for everyone to see.

Liza Adamenko

Kafelnikov began to explain that he did it only with good intentions, as she sometimes thinks, when she also write: “I have nothing against that. Just wanted to warn you. Stepped on like a rake. Shouting to the whole world — in the end were left with nothing at one point, but in any case, only through the pain I was getting stronger and becoming”.

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Ales Kafelnikov

Fans began to intercede for a young wife of a millionaire, and some to spare Kafelnikov.

Liza Adamenko

“A shame even to Caf appears after reading these comments,” “And who is she to give advice? Quite with an snow blown away”, “it’s Funny to watch as a youngster teaches the youngster”, “When you don’t know how to draw attention to themselves,” commented fans.

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