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Ales Kafelnikov publish photos with cut veins

Ales Kafelnikov, who recently turned 18 years old, is experiencing not the best times. Last days the name of the daughter of tennis Pro Yevgeny Kafelnikov and then flickers in the press. Kafelnikov constantly shocked fans of his statements: that she called the passengers of economy-class “little people”, joked the operation of the father and called her “cancer humor.”


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Kafelnikov often updates the “storis” Instagram, which are full of bright pictures and video: dinner with dad, glamour shot, club party with friends. But on one of the last “storis” the model shared a photograph in which showed your hand with deep cuts. Computer is a bloody gauze. At this time, Ales were listening to rapper Young Thug — Calling Your Name. On pictures Kafelnikov left a comment: “in the mood”.

Fans do not understand the reasons for this behavior — it would seem that in the life of the young models are all well and blamed her antics on the transition to adulthood. No one can find old Ales Kafelnikov is a gentle debutante ball Tatler, always dressed in beautiful and elegant outfits.

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We will remind, recently the model has taken part in a provocative photo shoot and have posted some pictures in Instagram. The video can be seen naked Breasts 18-year-old girl.

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