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Ales Kafelnikov apologized for the rude statement about hatred of Russia

Recently, the name of the daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Alesya associated with scandals. First, the Network got photos of the girl with the “Bong”, and now a video in which the model declares that he hates Russia.

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“I do not love Russia. Only in Russia used by people. It’s awful. I think that’s everywhere, but in Russia it happens all the time! I’ve got a career in another country, I should be proud of. People ask me why I hate Russia? Of course, I hate Russia! I want my country to be proud of me, but you are not proud of me, and just gossiping! I don’t like Russian mentality: people care more about themselves than about others. If you’re a star, hate you, don’t love you, gossip about you!” — said Ales in the English language in InstagramStories.

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The scandalous statement Kafelnikov caused a wave of indignation in the Network. Some advised models to permanently leave the country that she so hated, the other demanded to punish the girl for insulting words addressed to his homeland.

Soon Ales was forced to apologize for the rash statement. “I want to apologize to those offended. I may not have enough knowledge of the English language to correctly convey the information in my posts. I meant absolutely another. I am sad that my countrymen Hayat me because I work in Europe, and I need support. I love Russia and care about what happens in it! It’s a tough time, you need to support the country, not to find fault with her!” — quoted model

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