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Alena Vodonaeva wants to get married and shocked bloggers “claws”


Alain Vodonaeva loves to provoke the audience: that there are at least reasoning the stars on what should be a real woman and her active dislike of women.

This time Alena decided to show to subscribers of your new manicure: Instagram star has published a video that is not a joke, shocked bloggers. Many thought that “neat nails” Vodonaevoy more like “animal claws”, and in this manicure there is not an ounce of beauty. Experts in the field of nail design gladly offered Allen their services and were quick to bring to its attention, that these nails are clearly not at the height of fashion.

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Predators predators of the Fingernails of Alena @nogtibytovo

Publication of Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva) APR 12 2017 12:35 PDT

However, Vodonaevoy don’t have time to read the comments in his blog: most likely, she is busy preparing for the wedding! Alena leads the show “Pair of Normal” on channel RU TV, along with the winner of “Battle of psychics” Ziraddin Rzayev. Recently the star said about the prophecy that had made her MAG: “Ziraddin me today during a live broadcast of the “Pair of Normal” he said that I will marry in 2018. Here’s how to take it, and in spite of him will be released in 2017. By the way, it’s impossible and not interesting to discuss sports matches. He always predicts the correct result. No intrigue. And I always ask whether I’m official position and ask any questions to my colleague. Answer — still nothing asked. I’m saving your questions for the really important and worthy cause”.

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