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Alena Vinnitskaya was thinking to divorce her husband

Алена Винницкая раздумала разводиться с мужемSinger Alain Vinnytsia was on the verge of divorce with her husband, confessed about this in the program “social life” on TV channel 1 + 1.

“We were extremely, extremely close, we are still together and trying to work things out. Start with a beginning as pupils, – tells Alain Vinnytsia and adds – I get such a large number of flowers, as had every other day almost.”

“In any relationship a man and a woman have periods when they are resting from each other, and we nudicaulis now spend happy time together,” says the husband of the singer.

Earlier, the singer admitted that he is now forced to save.

“If before the trip to the beautician was easier not to bother, I will. It’s really cheap, if you examine this question in the home within the hour you will Shine. There is a simple rule – apply on face what you can eat. So open the fridge, take the egg, and in an hour you have a wonderful lift,” says Alain Vinnytsia.

Star is in no hurry to spend a ton of money on clothes.

“I was the spender, I could mindlessly spend money on shopping, some things, now buy a very tailored, point, gently, that I under that will suit, and I’m not ashamed to talk about it,” says Alena Vinnitskaya.

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