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Alena Shishkova says chronicle a heavenly stay in the Dominican Republic with her daughter and mother-in-law

Mar 19, daughter of Timothy and the Alena Shishkova was three years old. The birthday of the successor of the former lovers are reunited to arrange a little holiday. The celebration according to the tradition, was held in the Dominican Republic, where alyssa was born. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The holiday was over, and Alena and Timati are still resting together. The rapper wins the waves on a surfboard, and the model defile before him in seductive swimwear. To please Alice, the parents made a journey through the jungle, where all were able to feed and pet monkeys.

Алена Шишкова проводит отпуск в Доминикане

Здесь три года назад модель родила Тимати дочь Алису

Алена Шишкова

Тимати проводит отпуск вместе с Аленой и дочерью

Шишкова красуется перед бывшим в сексуальных купальниках

Алена Шишкова

Алена ежедневно радует поклонников новыми фотографиями

Тимати с дочерью

Алена Шишкова

Бывшие влюбленные вместе занимаются воспитанием дочери

Алена и Тимати с дочерью Алисой

Алиса с родителями в день своего рождения

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In between walks Alain arranges a photo shoot on the beach to please pictures of your Instagram followers. Some pictures of the beauty was the mother of Timothy Simon, whose excellent relations with the former daughter-in-law.

Almost every photo the models fans write that they Benefit a great couple and it would be great if they got back together. Relationship with rapper Alena prefers not to comment, but it can be seen that the former lovers fondly refer to each other.

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