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Alena Shishkova boasted roses in human growth from new lover

Recently it became known that the ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati and the mother of his daughter Alice meets son of the owner of “URALCHEM” Dmitry Mazepin, 17-year-old Nikita Mazepin. A young man firmly entrenched in the domestic enviable list of suitors, despite his young age. Besides the impressive state of his father, Nikita, is also known for his participation in the race “Formula 1”.

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While the pair has not confirmed their romance, however, Alena often boasts of expensive gifts, which, obviously, presents her Nikita. Shishkova recently showed subscribers photos with luxury bouquet of roses. “That awkward moment when I’m missing five centimeters tall, to appreciate the beauty of roses”, signed frame model (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Note that after a breakup Timati and Alena stayed in a wonderful relationship. The former couple together has a daughter, and relatives of the rapper believes Shishkov part of his family.

У Алены Шишковой новый роман

Модель встречается с сыном владельца «Уралхима» Дмитрия Мазепина, 17-летним Никитой Мазепиным

Блондинка пока не подтвердила отношения с молодым человеком

Алена Шишкова

После расставания Тимати и Алена остались в прекрасных отношениях

Алена с дочерью Алисой

Тимати и Алена с дочерью

Бывшие супруги вместе воспитывают дочь

Алена Шишкова

Алена Шишкова Фото:

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