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Alaska warned about the possible repetition of disasters

Жителей Аляски предупредили о возможном повторении катаклизмов Experts say the seismic activity in the state has not yet stopped.

According to the statement of supporters of the conspiracy theory, in the bowels of the Earth something is going on: after a mysterious “rumble” after a couple of days in Alaska there was an earthquake.

Seismic activity was observed in 11 kilometers from anchorage on November 30. Local authorities immediately declared that in the near future may occur tsunami. Some of the citizens were evacuated at the request of the police.

After the earthquake the district suffered thousands of aftershocks. According to experts, they happened a couple of days after the phenomenon, dubbed the “rumble”.

Vlogger Tyler Glockner channel YouTube noted the surprise of many people. Subscribers immediately felt the relationship events with a strange “roar”. This once again proves the fact that under the earth something is going wrong.

People living in Alaska, started talking about hell, the omen and the strange events in the Solar system as a whole.

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