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Alaska recorded the traces of the use of nuclear weapons

На Аляске зафиксировали следы применения ядерного оружия Source found radioactive material not yet determined.

Scientists are struggling to identify the source of the substance was found over Alaska, namely the Aleutian Islands. According to experts, they observed the presence of substances in the atmosphere, which is used to create nuclear weapons.

The substance includes a minor amount of enriched uranium it found at a height of seven miles in the Aleutian Islands.

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It is worth noting that this is the first time in twenty years, when over Alaska find uranium-235. Previously, scientists had found only particles that contained uranium-238, so the recent opening of the sensation.

The substance does not cause harm to the environment, because it has very small size — 580 nanometers. This is less than even the cells of the erythrocyte. At the moment scientists are trying to find the source of the substance that may be in Asia: uranium-235 could fly out of there.

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