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Alarming symptoms indicating intestinal dysbiosis

Тревожные симптомы, указывающие на дисбактериоз кишечникаSymptoms, causes, and consequences of violations of the microflora balance in the intestines.

Recently, the term “microflora” of the intestine at all on hearing. By this word the doctors mean the totality of all microorganisms inhabiting our digestive tract. Conditionally they can be divided into two categories: good bacteria that help our bodies in the processes of digestion, assimilation of vitamins and proteins, and pathogenic bacteria that produce products of putrefaction and lead to fermentation.

Not so long ago scientists proved that the intestinal microflora has a direct impact not only on the digestive process, but also on weight, skin condition, overall health and even mood! Not surprising, because the intestine is up to 70 percent of immune cells!

Causes of dysbiosis

Unfortunately, the modern way of life greatly affects the balance of our microflora. Constant stress, eating on the go, the use of antibiotics and fermented foods destroys the protective forces of our organism. In addition, excessive cleanliness, manifested in excessive use of antiseptic and antibacterial agents, also violates the microflora. The balance may be disturbed also due to the bowel cleansing, hormonal changes and environmental stress.

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What causes the imbalance of intestinal flora?

Inflammatory processes in the body

The suppression of beneficial gut microflora leads to uncontrollable development of pathogenic organisms that may cause inflammation, joint pain. Also this will invariably affect the condition of your skin.


A balanced intestinal microflora – the key to a fast metabolism. Therefore, if all your attempts to lose weight did not succeed, perhaps the problem is dysbiosis.

Emotional health

It is proved that the imbalance of the microflora leads to irritability, anxiety and depression. Often this manifests itself as blurred thinking, trouble sleeping and concentrating.

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Premature aging

Putrefactive bacteria in the course of their life produce toxins that poison our body and lead to premature aging.

Here are 10 signs that you may have a disturbed intestinal microflora:

Problems with digestion: bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion, bad breath, constipation or diarrhea.
Frequent fungal and yeast diseases.
Frequent need to eat “something sweet”.
Skin problems: acne, eczema, psoriasis.
Pain in the joints.
Depression or depression.
Problems with concentration, memory, mood swings.
The blurred thinking.

Before taking any drugs, you need to find out the cause of dysbiosis. Try to reconsider your lifestyle and diet, this may seem complicated, but health is worth it!

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