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Alan Wake will be a series?

Is Alan Wake coming?..

The publication Variety reports that the game Alan Wake will shoot a TV series, the show-run which will be one of the writers of “Legion” Peter Calloway, Executive producer of the project assigned to Sam lake from Remedy. Directly shooting the series will deal with Contradiction Films herself Remedy Entertainment.

The company has not yet decided on the platform for release, but negotiations with potential partners will begin in October. However, several companies have already expressed interest in the upcoming series. Until that Contradiction Films and Remedy continue to work on the overall concept of the show.

In the words of Sam lake, the upcoming series will not be a direct adaptation of the game, but will be based on the story of Alan Wake. The creators of the project intend to tell you more about the grim universe of Alan Wake, and the course will not only new ideas, but old ideas Remedy about Alan Wake sequel, which, unfortunately, was not eventually used.

Thomas Harlan, a representative of Contradiction Films, told that he was not immediately able to interest the Remedy Entertainment – before you agree, the company repeatedly denied him. However, in the end, Harlan was able to persuade developers by proposing them the idea of the series that everyone liked.

Mr. Harlan:

Alan Wake based television series, which was placed in the game. This is the vision of Sam lake, inspired by “the Twilight zone”, “Secret window”, the series “North side” and the works of Hitchcock. We plan to work closely with Sam, it’s his baby”.Topic: Remedy still want to make a new game about Alan Wake

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