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Alan Wake is once again available for purchase at Steam!

Great news for those liking cool horror game “Alan Wake”, but who did not have time to buy it/recommend to your friends before may 15 of last year, it was withdrawn from sale on digital platform Steam. The reason for this withdrawal was the expiration of the rights on the used music.

But now the company Remedy Entertainment, with the support of publisher Microsoft has announced that all formal business is taken care of, and “Alan Wake” is once again available for purchase. I must say, on time – on the nose Halloween, and even a film adaptation in a series we were promised.

Good news! Alan Wake is back on Steam.
Better news: the price will be discounted during Halloween, so go get your copy if you don’t own the game yet. (Other digital platforms to follow.)
— Remedy Entertainment (@remedygames) 25 Oct 2018

The game is a third-person shooter, the story and atmosphere which is very reminiscent of the works of Stephen king:

We are invited to plunge into a vast, realistic, and dynamic world and explore its vastness. The game itself consists of a set of successive missions with a very deep and thought-out plot, each turn of which reveals new secrets and gives you the opportunity to know better the main character. Communicating with other characters, solving problems and battling against hideous monsters, the player gradually unwinds the plot tangle, slowly but surely getting closer to unlocking all the mysteries. In this nightmarish world, where there is darkness, in addition to a vast Arsenal, the light itself is the main ally and arms of the player.

If you want to buy a digital copy, look for it here, now it is available at a discount for only 72 rubles, and this campaign will surely spread to near-time Halloween sale at Steam.

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