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Alain Vodonaeva told how betrayed a close friend


TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva tries to be with his fans very Frank. Even when the soul presenter is bad and insomnia, Alena starts to be Frank.

Vodonaeva said that lately, thinking about the betrayal, and then altogether confessed that in her life once she did not very nice to the girlfriend. However, Alain is a recognized and frankly admitted everything. The fact that the presenter wanted to help a friend, but it turned out as always “don’t do good, do not get evil.” Vodonaeva told a story:



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“One friend of a pregnant lady (have seen her five times in my life) complained to me about my husband, the loser. We spoke with voice messages. It is direct and told: “he Sucker my husband sucks”. To calm hormonal friend, with nothing better to do than to cite the example of my friend. Let’s call it X. Said, “Here’s your Vitek (let’s call it so), maybe something goof, but the guy is good, and most importantly — family. Look, they say, far Aloha miss H. He walks, what he wants, and is doing well, and respects his woman, everybody knows about it. Well, what’s better? True Loh or alpha-traitor?“ — says Alena (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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However, a friend decided to give the statements of Alena that the friend, whom the husband changes. “Why? Yes, God knows. It seems to help the person seek, inspire, give advice, keep a family, but here such an unexpected slap in the back…“ — outraged the leader.

A close friend immediately turned to Alena and asked, “Alain said? And what the fuck?“ And what can I say to her. The last thing I wanted to touch truly native person. And indulge in excuses did not. Answered honestly: “Yes, it was. My bad. I’m sorry!“ Recognized his faux pas and tried to explain what had in mind when I cited the example of the man. A friend of me said nothing. And later all refused to communicate. Apparently, I am in that moment living slashed. Reluctantly. Unconsciously. And in fact was right: my girlfriend soon, she admitted that her husband, alas, do walks…” — openly shared Vodonaeva.

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Fans, in turn, divided into two camps: some steel to support the presenter, they say, most importantly, confessed to everything, and others began to wonder, why tell such details just the friend of your close friend. And many began to wonder who all the same was discussed and who is the friend who cheated on her husband and with whom Alain now does not communicate. The options were many, but most of all assumptions that it was Ksenia Borodina.

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