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Alain Vodonaeva showed their candid photos taken in 16 years

Alena Vodonaeva is a frequent contributor to Instagram candid photos, on November 24, former participant of “House-2” still managed to surprise subscribers: the star showed them a racy picture taken at the age of 16 years.


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The photo of a young Alena covers her bare Breasts with his hands. Attentive subscribers noticed that even then Vodonaeva had a splendid forms, so the question of plastic anymore. Many have admired the beauty of the girl, but there were those who the seemed too blatant: “Not too revealing for a 16? Even more so…”, “why do 16 year old had such a portfolio to do”, “In 16 years to be photographed in this format… yeah… of course the parents upbringing, would not have” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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By the way, Alena herself is not happy from her prominent bust. According to Vodonaevoy, large Breasts gives her a lot of inconvenience and she already has plans to make it smaller. The star promised that he will fulfill the desire before the New year. This nostalgic photo Alena symbolically says goodbye to his forms?

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Recently, the presenter told us that finally found a plastic surgeon who she trusts breast reduction.

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