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Alain Vodonaeva my hair done in the style of Olga Buzova


The star of “House-2” and TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva radically changed the way she cut her signature long locks. Alena decided to take this step only because the grow hair long process, and she is just tired. Leading commented: “How tired to grow hair. How is it slow. And endlessly cling to these strands for filming tired. Go crazy and build something?” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.)

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Fans did not appreciate the new image and rebuked Vodonaevu that it was similar to my friend and former colleague of Olga Buzova. “I immediately decided that it Buzova exhausted!”, “Buzova with her breast!”, “Buzova like was” that “Bad of being a Buzova”. Others have decided that this hair length really suits Alena: “You short good, Just leave the hair alone — it’ll grow faster”, “Leave it, really suits this hairstyle”, “look much younger”. Someone even hinted Vodonaevoy that “during pregnancy, hair grows faster.”

Recently Vodonaeva often experimenting with his looks. She recently reduced Breasts with a fifth to less than a third the size. The star did not hide that is going to go under the surgeon’s knife and talked publicly about how everything went.

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Six years TV presenter had dreamed about the surgery, went to counseling and have chosen a doctor whom you can trust your bust. “It is a conscious desire, and I’m not hiding anything, pay for itself. Girls, and you say: feel free to do what you want. Most importantly — on request and with a sober look,” concluded the star.

Алена Водонаева мечтает уменьшить грудь

По словам звезды, большой бюст доставляет ей массу неудобств

Алена Водонаева

Телеведущая уже нашла пластического хирурга

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