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Alain Vodonaeva: “I believe in the man in 30 years drives a car mom”

At the end of last year, Alyona Vodonaeva again became a free girl. The presenter broke off the engagement with her lover Anton Korotkov. The former participant of “House-2” said that young man is a gigolo and she is no longer able to endure it.

In an interview Vodonaeva said that I would never be so gullible. “I believe in a man who in his nearly 30 years drives a car mom. And I will not be put to his neck a healthy forehead, which nowhere seeks, will not grow, while constantly Ponte” — shared TV presenter.

Vodonaeva said that easily went through a breakup with Korotkov and her life, nothing has changed. “Just from my couch disappeared the man who was watching TV. And nothing else! As all is decided and done, and decide to do. Plus, I plunged into work, so think about all the things I didn’t have time,” said the star.

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After the break Anton and Alena is dreaming to meet a decent man. According to star, if we are talking about appearance, the first thing the young man she will pay attention to his eyes, voice, hands and the way he dressed.

“Taste is a sign of intelligence. Hooked me, of course, self-confidence, good humor and, perhaps a little impertinence. However, he must be gallant. If a man is rude to the waiter and not before the girl opens the door, then immediately dovedale! And no sense of humor won’t help him,” added Allen.

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The TV presenter is not afraid, if the first chosen will earn less than her, as long as it sought to become more successful, worked and developed. “A man should earn. And if even today he would be earning less than me, he must strive to develop and to ensure that in financial matters soon to overtake me. A man should be active. Including in their quest for money,” — said Vodonaeva.

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