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Aircraft business class: Ukrainian modernized the legendary “kukuruznik”

Самолет бизнес-класса: украинец модернизировал легендарный "кукурузник"In Odessa there was an unusual airline.

Odessa Aviator and volunteer Vadim Gromov repaired an old “kukuruznik” An-2P, and now wants to associate Odessa with other tourist centers of Ukraine.

The plane, built in 1972, Odessa acquired last summer. The Board worked for many years in the Soviet “Aeroflot” under the registration code of the USSR-70278. However, now it has been re-registered according to Ukrainian regulations and assigned the code of UR– 70278. In less than three months Odessa fully upgraded maize, turning a passenger cabin into a real business area. Here are 12 modern seats, air conditioning, lighting, there was a toilet. The noise from the engine has reduced due to modern materials applied in the trim.

Samoletova the newly established airline of the KLA (“Odessa aviation company”), and now wants to make Charter flights to connect tourist heartland of Ukraine’s large cities. For example, seriously discussed the flight Odessa – Kamenets-Podilsky – Kolomya.

Also expected to be promising flights from Odessa to Kherson, Reni and Vilkovo. If the business proves successful, the company will expand its fleet at the expense of other abiaraztean.

Самолет бизнес-класса: украинец модернизировал легендарный "кукурузник"

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