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Aion became free

Aion стала бесплатнойMMO got a fresh 5.3 update called “rise of heroes”.

The company “Innova” is excited to announce that the Russian version of role-playing Korean Aion multiplayer became fritupleynoy. So, now anyone can join the fantasy game from the Studio of NCsoft and is completely free to explore the vastness of Atreia.

The developers also draw your attention to the fact that now literally all the users of Aion following operations are available:

● The wearing of items of all grades
● Deal at the auction
● Use of the Legion warehouse
● Trade with other players
Transfer of items between players
● Use of personal shops
● Send e-mail messages
● The use of chat
● Transactions in auction houses

By the way, now is the time to look into Aion. Because in addition to the transition to a new business model, the MMO has received a new update 5.3, entitled “rise of heroes”, which will allow you to take part in the sieges of the Abyss in the coalition, as well as to test their strength in duels with other heroes in the Temple of the warriors built on the ruins of the ancient training camp. In General, if you’re interested, go to the official website of the project where you will be able to find all the details of the patch.

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