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Aim to lose weight? Listen to our advice

Стремитесь похудеть? Прислушайтесь к нашим советамScientists conducting research in losing weight, offer some recommendations for those who are determined to get rid of extra pounds.

Chew slowly and thoroughly

Studies have shown that you need to slowly chew every morsel of food that enters the mouth. Between bites should be about 30 seconds. Only slowly absorbing food, the person is able to understand when is the moment of saturation, and when to stop.

Mexican scientists conducted an experiment on two groups of children. In the first group of participants ate slowly and the second quickly. The results of each group were compared with the measurements of the control group. The results, scientists were amazed. The first group showed a weight reduction of 2-5% after 6 months. The second gave a weight increase of 4-5%. Repeated measurements at 12 months showed a decrease from the first another 3-4%, the second increase by 8-12%. The control group showed an increase at 6-8% per year.

Silence – the key to a good figure?

Scientists from Brigham young University proved that excess noise affects the amount of food eaten. Loud music, the sound of the TV or loud chatter at the table and drown out the sounds that man produces for a snack. But they help to control the amount eaten.

Having made some experiments, comparing amount eaten to loud music and in complete silence, came to the conclusion that in the first case, the subjects consumed 1.4 times more than in the second. The difference, though small, but regular excess the effect will be negative.

To reduce the amount of food consumed will help the syrup Mangosteen prepared from fruit of a tropical plant. It prevents overeating by inducing a feeling of satiety. The content of the syrup antioxidants xanthones helps to cleanse the body and build digestive system. To order this tool on the website

Small plates to replace the large

UK scientists claim that large portions of the product packaging and volumetric glassware stimulate a person to overeating. Studies have shown that the replacement of large plates on small will reduce eat servings, and it will be reduced by 16-30%, the number of daily calories consumed by a person. This simple technique will stop the obesity epidemic, which in Europe and America catastrophic. According to experts, reducing the size will allow you to return to packages and utensils used in the 50-ies of the last century.

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