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Aggressive Vince Vaughn in the first teaser of the film “Fight in the unit 99”

This project immediately caught our attention the names of the creators. In the Director’s chair – S. Craig Thaler, who directed the brutal Western horror “Bone Tomahawk”. The scenario belongs to his own Peru. The main role went to Vince Vaughn, who in the second season of “true detective” proved once again that comedic roles it has not stuck. And there is the sister of Dexter and Emily rose-in-one – Jennifer carpenter. And timeless detective Nash bridges – don Johnson. And Udo Kier…

In General, from this brigade, by definition, expect a lot, especially when it comes to the crime Thriller called “the Fight in the block 99” (Brawl in Cell Block 99).

Former boxer Bradley Thomas loses his job the mechanic, and his troubled marriage bursting at the seams. Being at the crossroads of his life, he realizes that he has no better choice but to start working on an old friend as a courier. All goes well, but in one terrible day, Bradley gets in a gunfight between the cops and his own merciless allies. When the smoke clears, Bradley continues to lie. He was seriously wounded. He is on trial and thrown in jail. Here among the hordes of enemies, Bradley is forced to resort to violence, and the prison turns into a field of endless insane battle.

In the network appeared the first teaser of the film, and I think it’s not quite what we expected. What kind of music? Where sick where the blood, where, in the end, the Indians cannibals?! Well, no cannibals can and do, but “thrillercast” I would like more. However, if we abstract from private hotelok, the teaser comes normally.

The film will be released already on 6 October 2017. On VOD services it is possible to look for with 13 Oct. Then find out what’s inside.

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