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Ageev Russian serviceman captured in the toilet.

Российского военнослужащего Агеева захватили в туалете, - адвокатAccording to the lawyer, Ageev went to the toilet without a gun.

The lawyer of the Russian soldier Viktor Ageev said that the soldiers of the armed forces captured in the area of the Groove of the Luhansk region, when he went to the toilet.

So, in the words of Victor Chigusa, at this time, a subversive group of troops of the Russian Federation, a part of which included the captive, the contractor, was in one of the houses.

“As far as I know, he was detained, when they were in a residential home. Ageev left the house without a weapon, went to the toilet. They took him in the bathroom. You need to figure out a lot of questions. Did he have a weapon? If he fired the gun?”, he said in an interview with Public radio.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in zone anti-terrorist operation neutralized diversionno-prospecting group of the opponent.

During the battle was destroyed two soldiers of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation, including the Russian officer Alexander with the Callsign Scherbak Alex.

Four more saboteurs, among whom were D. had been captured.

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