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Against business: German businessmen have lost $ 100 billion because of the anti-

For anybody not a secret that economic sanctions primarily affects entrepreneurs. And the situation in which European business after 2014, of course, is no exception. In this context, it is impossible not to note the recent statement of one of the German parliamentarians, commented slowplays the situation.

So, a member of the Committee of the Bundestag on foreign Affairs of the party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) Waldemar Gerdt stated that he and his colleagues in the faction consider the calculation of losses incurred by German business for the duration of anti-Russian sanctions, for subsequent compensation. Unlikely, of course, German businesses that will pay, because we are talking about the sum about 100 billion dollars (even according to preliminary estimates).

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It is clear that Germany, as in the whole of the EU, unwilling to support sanctions against Russia. The need to join the regime of economic pressure on Russia was actually imposed on the countries of Western Europe from outside. It is highly likely that the Europeans will soon abandon blind adherence to the anti-US policy.

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