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“Again the poor man sat in a puddle”: laughing over a leader of the militants “DNR”

"Опять бедняга сел в лужу": в сети хохочут над главарем боевиков "ДНР"The leader of the militants Zaharchenko almost every day becomes a hero of the Internet.

If in the beginning of the week social media was laughing at the epic of congratulations in honor of the birth of Alexander Zakharchenko, it is now famous thanks to the gun that was allegedly created in the “DNR”.

At the same time to expose another fake propaganda of the militants began their own people. In particular, a scathing post on his page in Facebook wrote blogger Eugene Chinanski who is a supporter of the so-called “DNR”.

Chinanski just wrote that Alexander Zakharchenko once again disgraced himself by giving the gun for new.

“Well enough, eh! Already ridiculous. This TT. The stores there. If I could have changed much. The model is based on a variation of the Chinese company Norinco. Type 54 model 213. Chrome trunk gives the country of destination — States (there are chrome mostly). Agree on a test model to put chrome is stupid. And Golden print on the handle is generally pale. These were placed on the officer TT in Hungary or the Chinese in the Deluxe version. Stupid hodgepodge. Hi San Zakharchenko. Again, the poor thing sat in a puddle,” writes Chinanski.

Users have begun to actively comment on the post. “Private — in the sense he stays calm and collected?”, “I wonder when the pistol is assembled on the bed, jumped or not?” “In the common pistol Tula Tokarev “TT” shaggy 40 years. Probably also in the mine dug”, “the Order itself was discharged and the extraordinary”, “Teteshnik I know well. And really, what do you mean your own production? At home, the knee was doing? In his spare time,” commented nick.

Note that the video, which Alexander Zakharchenko ostensibly has developed the “DNI” a gun appeared on the Internet on June 29. The leader of the militants said that the new weapons “will compete with “Glock” and is called “Stronghold”. In the video he was in obscene form explained that the gun is capable of hitting any enemy.

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