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Again about the extra people that the country does not need workers older than 50, and even 40 years

Снова о лишних людях: стране не нужны работники старше не только 50, но даже и 40 лет

Citizens of Russia are increasingly faced with the problem of employment being in the fifth decade of his life

One of the most discussed issues in social networks has become very unpleasant and frankly, desperate – employment in pre-retirement age. Despite the broadcast statements of the Russian authorities and even some decrees, laws, programs and benefits to people who are 50 years of age, is actually deprived of the right to a full and properly paid work.

Channel “Flash” quotes a typical example: “If in 2017, the candidates older than 50 years were placed on the Head Hunter summary 2.1 million in 2019 – has 3.3 million mostly older people applying for the posts of driver, administrator, security guard, sales assistant, storekeeper. But a lot of queries on the post of the chief accountant, engineer, Manager to work with clients…”

Behind these figures is obvious and banal fact: employers continue to choose young applicants who are considered to be more active, and more obedient, and of course cheaper.

Needless to say that this is largely a result of inhuman pension reform, which not only do not have done one iota better the lives of pensioners, and in fact thrown out of normal life and pretensioners, the chances to find a job became simply insignificant.

Briefly and succinctly summarize what is written in social networks themselves affected, you will find even more amazing facts: discrimination faced not only pretensioner, but people over the age of 45 and even 40 years!

Here are just three of the many replicas of bloggers discussing this topic in one of social networks:

Ha ha, I after 40 it could not find anything. Now I am 46 and do not twitch. At least three higher education (I have two) – for the employer you unpromising. Only new industrialization might have something to change. But our state is important to amend the Constitution (my voice may not count).

“In fact, after 45 years do not take a job. Not because of education or no response. The reason is that managers don’t want subordinates smarter than me. Example: I Have two academies, was the CEO of the plant, which the authorities destroyed. Me, the artist took on the job. But the chief engineer of this company, “young professional” does not even have engineering education! Why would he master with technical and economic education? So in the case of him to poke his nose in his illiteracy? It is better to take young, which if the case can substitute, to put the blame on his incompetence. When the Soviet Union was working production, I was able to get a job at any company, with “hands and feet” tore! Now 57 years it turned out that my knowledge and experience are not in demand. Entrepreneurship is the watchword. In white, entrepreneurship in Russia is unprofitable. So if you touch the “authorities” or the guys with the administrative resource and will have health and lose for yourself or your loved ones. “Kuschevka” throughout Russia. If in 50 years under the article ready to go, to engage in “seamy side”, the “flag in hand”...”

“Why 50? After 40 is problematic in many places. Officially work unprofitable – it’s better not fucking leave the state, it, too, damn we not guarantee, why share with him?”

And so on…

It is known that instead of creating new jobs for pretensioner, which is so confidently told the Kremlin when they blame the pension reform, the authorities went the way of “informing”, “consulting” and “training”. So, “Vedomosti” writes that “until the end of 2024 the training will take place not less than 450 000 people 75 000 a year. 50,000 of them through the employment centers and employers, and 25,000 (for some reason!!!) through the Union of “Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)”. The Union will receive a subsidy from the budget by 1.6 billion RUB per year. At the same time, no guarantee of employment neither the state nor the Union, pensioners, of course, not give. Learn and go for it, as they say.”

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, everything is much deeper.


Снова о лишних людях: стране не нужны работники старше не только 50, но даже и 40 лет


First, find a job in the specialty middle-and older age is almost impossible, because it has changed irreversibly the structure of the Russian economy. Roughly speaking, they learned that it is now no one in the country is not engaged in for various reasons. In the first place because of the continuing stagnation. In fact work only the primary sector, and all the rest as necessary.

Here, for example, he writes about this one employer:

I will tell the opinion as the employer. You should not blame us for the lack of employment opportunities: many employers would be happy to take or leave the employee is 50+, if he has the required experience and skills, but destroyed the economy, the labour market is stagnating and alters significantly its structure. Which significantly increased the number of unemployed among the youth who also wants to eat and feed my family and for a number of reasons often they are more suitable candidates for the job. If there were enough jobs, then there would be the normal operation for most workers 50+. Also because of the collapse of medicine older worker to work harder and the employer does not want to be responsible if something happens with the employee. Thus, despite the collapse of the economy, has not been canceled, the scientific and technical progress, which requires adaptation to new technologies, which are easier to learn young. As for the government, I doubt that it is especially satisfied with the genocide of people in age, but all this is just a consequence of stupid and illiterate management of the country in General and Economics in particular…”

Secondly, finding a job is impossible, because of the wild imbalance of the economy in a major state of damage to medium and small private. But much like the small business could all these experienced people? But no: the life of a Russian businessman is walking through a minefield. Moreover, people are willing to start their own business, but the state is not provided for middle-aged entrepreneurs exactly no benefits, if you at least 90 years.

Here is another opinion an extremely interested person:

In the developed countries of Europe developed very small business is the backbone of the regional economies (70% of the working population are engaged in small business) because the entire money turnover remains in the host country (wages, taxes, revenue, profit), and to be more precise 60% remains in local budgets. And large corporations and can even withdraw money in other economies, are under strict control of the authorities (the analogues of our anti-trust authorities ) and are forced to pay taxes much more, if pulling money out of the country. In Russia, a small business generally uninteresting (except for the tax on the ground) the authorities as such. Because the people in charge of our economy for the most part, their accountants, tax specialists or the people who took from the security forces...”

It is possible to enumerate still for a long time: and thirdly (for example, the all-consuming corruption) and fourth (moral and ethical state of society), and fifth… But to summarize, it is better so, as it did in the discussion of one of the bloggers:

Somehow it seems to me that this kind of “cleaning” of the older generation. Society needs to look younger, throwing off the “ballast”. And the ballast will go out. He can’t withstand such shocks. In the 90s we were young and energetic, believe that everything will work out… And at this age especially I want stability, absence of shocks… And where to get it, if the kids are not all right… All the time helped us, and now we need to help us… How would I ask? Worsen the disease, and then there’s work… And almost paid medicine…

This reform affected the whole range of problems which from time to time it would be better not to touch and solve them gradually. The slogan “survive as long as you want” hid behind the programs of restructuring, that do not give. Kind of work in the labour market, people can expect 50 – 60 years? Right: the low-skilled. Even in the presence of higher education. Moreover. For which he will have to fight. Because in other ways he just can not compete with younger colleagues, who will be given preference. Waste material the state does not need…


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