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After the divorce, Victoria Dayneko does not give mother-in-law to see her granddaughter


29-year-old singer Cheryl Cole has parted ways with drummer Dmitry Kleiman after two years of marriage. The couple has not yet filed divorce papers, but we know that together they no longer live. “We are not divorced like, but it happens all. I don’t know what it is. Let as Vic thinks and says. She will tell you the truth. Not going to fix anything. Hope she’s got something to do”, — commented Dmitry.

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Victoria and Dmitri have an eight month old daughter Lydia.


Victoria tries not to publicize the details of his personal life, but journalists can’t hide. They managed to contact a certain Anna, who had friend of the singer. The girl told that Victoria wants to raise a daughter alone. So, April 4, when Lydia turned a year and a half, BC was not invited nor (yet) a husband or mother-in-law.


Anna also said that Vick does not allow the grandmother to see his granddaughter is not only on holidays. “Valentina Nikolaevna, Dima’s mother, is a sore spot. She loves her granddaughter, but, unfortunately, Vic’s mother-in-law how does not favor. Went wrong with them from the beginning,” said friend Victoria.


But despite the differences, a friend of Victoria believes that they with Dmitry yet reconciled. She told me that soon Kleiman will arrive on a visit to BC to see my daughter. Anna is confident that they can make peace: “I Hope that this meeting will bring together, and perhaps even reconciled. Someone has to make the first move!”

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