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After the Christmas hangover Medvedev will be asked to leave

После новогоднего похмелья Медведева попросят на выход

2019, the country began to the accompaniment not of fireworks, and demanding the resignation of the government and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Under such slogans took place in late December, rallies and pickets in many cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Simferopol, Kursk, Penza, Vladimir…

Cases — on the ruble, the cry — a hundred

2019 brought the people of Russia a lot of very unpopular reforms, many of which are generally not publicized. Of course, every Russian knows about pension reform, the increase in VAT and the tax for self-employed.

Many lances were broken around the “junk” of the reform: however, its essence remains, few of the inhabitants knows — but everyone will tell you that now for the removal and disposal of debris will have to fork out much stronger.

Plus, from the first of January increased tariffs for communal. And along with the rates increased excise duties on cigarettes and petroleum products, and at the same time the minimum price of alcohol. Inflation and growth of tariffs immediately “will eat” promised by the President and the government a pension of one thousand rubles (in fact, for most pensioners, it really is no more than 550-800 rubles).

But few people remember that from the first of January of the Tax code was supplemented with new article 254 — now there’s a new tax on additional income oil producer. It is believed that this will reduce domestic prices for the gas stations. But, as already repeatedly proven our valiant government, to trust his calculations is not necessary.

Also from January, all private medical institutions are obliged to provide information in the Unified state information system of health (EHESS). The Ministry explains the need to gain control of the “privateers.” But for the patient this means one thing: expect higher prices — because now the hospitals had to fork out for the purchase of equipment and hiring IT staff.

The changes were made and the labour market: for construction and transportation companies have tightened requirements for hiring foreign workers. Considering that the first day of January in Russia and increased the minimum wage (much to 11280 rubles), only to bow before the government: to stimulate, say, the employment!

Grow up social benefits: 46.8 ruble — child care (up to six years), 88 RUB — disabled child, for 97 rubles — to the residents of besieged Leningrad, 123 rubles — adult disability… That is, from the master’s table.

However, all these small (and in fact petty) reforms did not cover the gigantic negative effect of the pension or the increase in VAT. “Free press” asked to assess the results of the work of the government of Russia under the leadership of Dmitry Medvedev and experts-economists.

The results of the government’s controversial

The Deputy Director of analytical Department of financial company, candidate of economic Sciences Natalia Milchakova:

— If to speak about those projects that have been implemented by the government in past years, there is progress. But there are projects, the results of which are too modest to talk about success: first of all, in the social sphere, healthcare and education.

Successful was the project associated with the parent capital, it really helped to solve many demographic problems.

Agriculture itself is a major national project. In this industry to invest both the state and private investors. Russia came in first place in the world in the export of grain, is able to fully provide itself with meat, milk, dairy products, and now there are all conditions for development of fishery and fish industry.

However, the successes in agriculture are accompanied by simultaneous monopolization of the number of market segments large agricultural holdings, leaching of small and medium enterprises from these segments. This, in turn, leads to stagnation of some segments of the food industry and slowdown in agriculture.

In the field of environmental protection and ecology, we also achieved a lot — for example, preserved forest resources, fish resources. It is even noted by WWF in its report: it said that Russia — the only great power, where resources are not reduced, and grow.

But despite a number of major environmental scandals in recent years, Russia has not yet learned how to dispose of solid waste without burning them and by recycling and using, for example, to generate electricity.

The coming years will be even harder

Senior risk Manager investment company Vitaly Manzhos:

Numerous unpopular measures by the state are taken in the context of a large budget surplus. It seems very unpleasant fact with far-reaching consequences. The state openly and deliberately ceases to be social in a time when there is urgent need. Such actions it turns existed since Soviet times, social paradigm, according to which the state existed for the benefit of man. Now the person consciously or unconsciously exist for the state. It is the function of largely lies in the replenishment of the budget at the expense of direct taxes on income and indirect taxes on consumption.

Modern Russia is not the only country which is faced with the need to find new models of economic growth. Apparently, in our country adopted the policy of building the economy with a high share of state participation. While individual sectors of the economy will be supported (read subsidized) due to large government spending.

With this aim, a system of excessive replenishment due to the increasing burden on the population. Perhaps in the higher echelons of power there is an understanding that the coming years will be difficult for the country’s economy. Therefore, the policy of “belt-tightening” begins to be ahead of time.

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