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“After a lethargic sleep”: Sabroski, forest and creature unknown (TRAILER)

In the Network appeared the first trailer for the Spanish horror English “After a lethargic sleep” (After the Lethargy) from the Director of “Asmodee” Marc Carret. I must say, this thing looks very colorful. And the picture, and a looming plot.

In the center of the story – reporter Sarah going to a place where allegedly there was contact with aliens. And, as they say, one of the most unusual in history. She is accompanied by the forest Ranger and the strange villager to help overcome the danger that is fraught with wildlife. But soon they will face a different problem: living in the depths of the forest the creature begins the hunt. And when the characters fall into an abandoned military building, the situation is only complicated.

Looks like we have a good batch. And forestry horror, and “psychotechnic” (it hurts too many familiar elements), and the monster in the set, and people are not quite adequate in stock. In short, should take note.

The carret made a film on his own script. Starring Andrea Guash (TV’s “the Scarlet Cape”), Joe Mangan (“Rebels”) and Ramon Canals (“Moon flag”) – people, to put it mildly, not very familiar to a wide audience. Here and get acquainted at the same time.

In addition to the trailer we got a poster and some stills can appreciate this stuff below.

On the date of the premiere still do not hear anything, but the ending of the trailer hints at 2018. Let’s wait for more detailed information.

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