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After 10 years, the blogger has discovered a secret level in the legendary race

Спустя 10 лет блогер обнаружил секретный уровень в легендарной гонкеIt seems that until today, about this level, almost no one knew.

Surprisingly, when some in-game secrets and mysteries remain unsolved for many years after release. When it seems that the whole game is explored and dismantled the pixels, you find that all this time she had hidden something else. So, the attentive blogger under the name of MrBean35000vr found in arcade racing game is Mario Kart Wii a hidden game mode. And it’s 9 years after the game’s release.

Digging in the code, MrBean35000vr found that in the main menu Mario Kart Wii is not supposed to be four modes and five. By artful manipulation of the gamer managed to get to the hidden submenu, where it is completely absent of any text. As it turned out, secret mode contains many different tests and the gameplay is very similar to Mission Mode from Mario Kart DS. About why Nintendo decided to get rid of the regime, we may never know.

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Mario Kart Wii is a racing game developed by Nintendo EAD exclusively for the Wii console and was released in April 2008. Included with each copy of the game was special steering wheel Wii Wheel, make the control more simple and intuitive. Among the main differences between Mario Kart Wii from the previous parts of the series, you can mention the class of motorcycles and the opportunity to participate in the race at the same time to 12 people.

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