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Africans have sued Germany because of the events of 1904

Африканцы подали в суд на Германию из-за событий 1904 годаRepresentatives of the Namibian ethnic groups are demanding compensation for the mass extermination of their fellow tribesmen.

Representatives of two African peoples, the Herero and nama living in the territory of modern Namibia, sued the German government and demanded financial compensation in connection with the mass killings of members of local tribes by colonial forces in the territory of the German protectorate of German South-West Africa between 1904 and 1908.

The corresponding statement was filed in Federal district court in new York

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The German foreign Ministry had already indicated that the German authorities enough reason to not to engage in direct dialogue with representatives of these nationalities. “We are negotiating at the level of governments, it does not exclude civil society organizations”, – he stressed.

Official Berlin for the first time described the destruction by the army of the German tribes, the Herero and nama genocide in 2014. Previously in Germany, emphasized that “historical events” fall under the definition of “genocide” only after the entry in 1951 into force of the UN Convention “On prevention of the crime of genocide”.

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On the territory of German South-West Africa, Imperial troops have killed more than 75 thousand (according to other sources – more than 100 thousand) of these groups. The colonial domination of Berlin in Africa ended in July 1915.

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