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Advocacy pies

Пропагандистские пироги

Doping history accurately and demonstration illustrates the lack of a future as a feature of autocracies.

That gives us first place in the medal standings of the Olympics? Very short-term propaganda effect.

In fact, he is drowned in the foreign policy of aggression and the seizure of foreign territories. But even if we imagine that the Crimea, Donbass, after “Boeing” as it did not exist — we live in the era of postcensal. In practice, with today’s oversaturation of information flow — is 15 April 1961, the world had been discussing the completion of the Kardashian clan than representative of its kind in earth orbit.

It is obvious that the Russian political leaders kept in mind the Olympics-80 in two weeks, in memory of his contemporaries, if not overlap, it is not exactly inferior to the Afghan war, prohibition, end the struggle for discipline and restructuring together.

But to repeat, this effect is insufficient to hold the Olympics. Takes 60 years to build socialism, the last 20 of which are wrapped in one endless Groundhog Day. To understand why the Soviet man was easy to surprise you to the core — enough to watch a recording of any program, the “Time” of the relevant period.

In fact, advocacy pies decisive victory of the Russian Olympic school you can bake a week, two weeks, adjusted for deficiency of reasons to be proud of — month. After — burn shopping centre, a dam burst, the Deputy will take the initiative, there will be a season of “Game of thrones” — on anything from the head of the public forever erased any shape of the table.

How much risk should go in the name of these two weeks of triumphant reports on TV? The devaluation of the Russian Federation as a sports jurisdiction. If it gets out doping organization of industrial methods on the level of intelligence, the performance under the Russian flag is as a financial activity with the Panama registration. You have obviously something very wrong.

Yes, the IOC — for the ears of corrupt trash. They will not go in the forefront of exposing their sponsors. But there are all the other countries have with their intelligence, who can disagree with the existence of this here Director’s pet.

Ie, we have a very clear discrepancy between the level of the operation, its potential consequences with the expected effect.

But the effect we expect from. Consequences — they will or no, but far beyond the planning horizon.

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