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Adviser to Putin laugh a ridiculous statement about the Donbass

Советник Путина насмешил нелепым заявлением о ДонбассеThe land of Donbass supposedly inhabit the immigrants from Israel.

Advisor to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Glazyev, said that the new Ukrainian government headed by elected President Vladimir Zelensky is Russian attempt “to settle the Donbass Jews.”

He noted that East Ukraine “will be cleansed” from Russian.

“Perhaps a bet on Zelensky, made long before these elections, associated with the General roll of the administration of the tramp in the direction of the extreme right in Israel. Probably they will put before you updated the Kiev regime, new challenges”, – supposed he.

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Glazyev is confident that the land of Donbass populated by migrants from Israel.

“I do not exclude, for example, a mass moving on a “stripped” from the Russian population of the South-East of Ukraine are tired of permanent war in the middle East the inhabitants of the promised Land, the same as running from illiteracy Christians of Europe”, – said Putin adviser.

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