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Advent: what you can eat

Рождественский пост: что можно естьThe prohibitions and rules of the pastime.

Already on 28 November the Christmas fast begins. This post itself is preceded by the feast of Christmas, and this post is called Filippov post.

Called Filippov post because the beginning of it falls on the day after the Day of memory of Apostle Phillip. The purpose of advent is a cleansing and repentance, so that with a pure heart, body and soul to celebrate Christmas and bring in the Son of God, a pure heart and devotion.

The rules of the Christmas fast are as strict as the fast of the apostles.

Forbidden foods during the Nativity fast:






Monday, Wednesday and Friday by the Charter prohibits the fish and wine.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are allowed to take food with vegetable oil. Monday, Wednesday and Friday prescribed xerophagy also.

From 2 to January 6 post increases and eating fish is not welcome even in previously authorized days.

How to spend time during advent

In the days of advent it is important not only bodily abstinence, but spiritual: not to be given the bustling entertainment and swearing. Also, do not feel a sense of superiority because of the abstinence from forbidden food, it can only hurt.

In the bodily post, it is important to abstain from delicious food. And for the person to refrain from sinful acts, which contribute to development of vices. But to indulge in tasty food is not worth it if this will not follow the spiritual abstinence. Important days of advent pray sincerely and repent for all their sins to be cleansed.

Undesirable while fasting is getting married. Our ancestors are very serious about this ban, but often did not comply. Church during lent can make concessions and to marry only with a couple of good reasons.

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