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Advent: a calendar of food days

Рождественский пост: календарь питания по днямAdvent came into force on 28 November and runs until January 6, 2017.

Orthodox Christians year in and year adhere to advent, which always begins in late November and ends on the night before Christmas. This post is meant for people to be able to purify his body and soul, taking fast food and spending many hours in prayer to God.

Advent is not as strict as Great, but still it has its own rules and peculiarities. During advent it is forbidden to consume meat and dairy products all forty days. During this time each fasting person there is the opportunity to improve health, to analyze his life and the events that occurred in the past year, with a pure and open heart to celebrate the glorious feast of Christmas.

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To adhere to the Nativity fast or not is a personal matter, but the priests insist that pregnant women, young children and seriously ill people still refused to comply with the rules of food during lent. In such cases it will be enough daily reading of prayers, and refusal of meat and milk can lead to deterioration of their health.

A calendar of food days

The main product, are allowed to use in the Christmas post, are cereals.

28 November-19 December

Monday. You can eat hot dishes, but without the addition of vegetable oil.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. To vegetable food allowed to add fish.

Wednesday and Friday. The fasting person can eat only dry food. It can be nuts, bread, dried fruit, honey, seasonal fruit, berries, raw vegetables and so on.

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From 20 December to 1 January

Monday. Hot food without adding oil.

Tuesday and Thursday. Fast food without fish.

Wednesday and Friday. Xerophagy, as in the first period of advent.

Saturday and Sunday. Vegetable products and fish.

From 2 to 5 January

Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Dry fast food.

Tuesday, Thursday. Hot food without oil.

Saturday and Sunday. Lean food with oil, but without fish.

6 Jan

Before the first star in the sky, you can only drink water, then allowed to eat rice with raisins or wheat with honey and poppy seeds.

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